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Residence Permit for job searching

Information about the residence permit for job searching

Until the end of 2010, PhD students were invited to leave Switzerland at the end of their thesis. With the coming into force in January, 2011 of the modification of the federal law on the foreigners (LEtr), EPFL PhD graduates are entitled to temporary residence permits (for job searching purposes) of a maximal duration of 6 months.

How to apply for such a permit?

Those interested will have to address “l’office de la population” in their commune of residence.
They have to provide a copy of the PhD diploma or a similar official EPFL document. Furthermore, they will have to prove that they have the financial means to support themselves in Switzerland during these6 months.

ACIDE is pleased with this result, because it has invested a lot of effort since 2007 to raise the interest in this matter in the political world. A parliamentary initiative (proposed by the national councilor J. Neirynck) was then born and was accepted on June 18, 2010, leading to the new version of LEtr.
ACIDE would also like to thank EDOC and EPFL for their investment in this subject.

Previous Information

Since 2007, ACIDE has been working on this subject by its standpoints during the Fédéral Consultations related to the Law on Foreigners.
It has also been working to motivate the Press on this subject in order to invite the swiss politicians to modify the law.