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Infos Covid-19

Website with all the information for the canton of Vaud: 

Possible symptoms

The following symptoms could be indicators of COVID-19 (according to the HPCI recommendation dated 07.10.2020):
  • Respiratory symptoms (e.g. cough, sore throat shortness of breath, chest pain) 
  • Fever with no other possible reason (ex: rheumatoid arthritis, a known bacterial infection, heat exhaustion)
  • Sudden onset of anosmia and/or an agueusia (loss of smell and taste)

Steps to take if symptoms appear

1. If any of the above symptoms occur: fill out the Coronacheck form (https://coronavirus.unisante.ch)
Un outil pour évaluer rapidement votre risque (ou celui de votre enfant) et savoir quoi faire.
2. If a test is recommended by the Coronacheck page


Those who have been in close contact with a COVID-19 positive patient should undergo a period of quarantine.
The new recommendations from the canton of Vaud define a close contact in the following way:
  • 15 mins or more of contact
  • At 2m or less of distance
  • Without masks
1. Your test will be paid for by the confederation if: 
– Coronacheck recommended a test
– You were notified of a close contact by the Swisscovid application 
– A test was ordered by the Office du Médecin Cantonal.
2. Payment at the expense of the employer: 
– Your employer may ask that you be tested if asymptomatic, in this case they must pay.
3. Payment at the patient’s expense: 
– if you require a negative PCR test for travel.
– if you require a negative PCR test to exit quarantine early.
– if you do not fulfill the criteria for testing.
if you do not have health insurance in Switzerland.