ACIDE Postdocs for all postdocs at EPFL


ACIDE is the Association of Research Scientists and Lecturers at EPFL supporting the professional interests of its members since 1984.

ACIDE represents more than 3500 scientists and lecturers including PhD candidates, postdocs, lecturers, and research associates.

The association provides help with everything affecting the professional lives of the scientific collaborators and facilitates the settling in of newcomers by practical guidance and social activities.  We also regularly express our standpoint on issues concerning the legal framework and everyday life matters of EPFL.


ACIDE has created a new group in 2018 by the postdocs for the postdocs of EPFL campus. The main goal is:

  • To federate the voices of the postdocs community at EPFL
  • To facilitate the integration of our new colleagues into the EPFL community, by providing useful resources and by proposing events during their time here
  • Organizing career events and career-relevant courses for postdocs
  • Networking with industry

We cannot do this all on our own, therefore, we need those interested to offer new ideas for projects that will benefit the postdocs community.

Would you like to actively participate in one or more of our projects? Do not hesitate to join the Postdocs committee by email at: acide@epfl.ch


ACIDE Postdocs