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What does ACIDE-ComDoc do?

The group ACIDE ComDoc was created in 2005 by the PhD students for the PhD students of EPFL campus. Its main goals are:

  • To federate the voices of the PhD community at EPFL
  • To facilitate the integration of our new colleagues into the EPFL community, by providing useful resources and by proposing events during their time here.
  • Organizing career events
  • Networking with industry

ACIDE-ComDoc is composed of PhD candidates from different Schools within EPFL. They are carrying out many projects concerning the PhD candidates. These projects cover the social events (PhD night, CERN Visit, summer barbecues, hiking trips, ski weekend and coffee/tea chats…) and the ones aiming to improve the work conditions and the education of PhD candidates (decisions about the PhD Programs and the Doctoral Schools, the status of PhD candidates). Every PhD candidate is welcome to get in touch with and/or involved in the ACIDE-ComDoc via the ACIDE Management.


We cannot do this all on our own, therefore, we need those interested to offer new ideas for projects that will benefit the PhD candidates community.

Would you like to actively participate in one or more of our projects? Do not hesitate to join the ACIDE ComDoc committee by email at: acide@epfl.ch


Looking forward to meeting you!



ACIDE-ComDoc Committee Members

Name Position Faculty Group representation Group Animation
Social Events
General Secretary of ACIDE x x
Firat Altay Member SV x x
Utku Norman Member IC x x
Christian Mörtl Member ENAC x x
Ekin Kizilkan Member STI x x