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ACIDE is the Association of Research Scientists and lecturers at EPFL which supports the professional interests of its members. It copes with everything affecting the professional live of the scientific collaborators and takes a standpoint during consultations on EPFL directives. However, ACIDE is not a trade union.

The PhD Students represent a large number of persons at EPFL.
Basically if you are working in research or teaching at EPFL and do not have a professor position, then you are a member of the scientific collaborators represented by ACIDE (and you should carry on reading…).

What does ACIDE do for PhD candidates?

ACIDE initiated the establishment of decent and attractive salaries for PhD candidates.
ACIDE listens to any PhD candidate or group of PhD candidates in difficulty (many amongst you have found not only advice but real support).
ACIDE gives its opinion on all subjects affecting the scientific staff, in particular PhD candidates.
ACIDE is in direct contact with the Management of EPFL in order to represent your opinions.
ACIDE is your link to the associations of scientific staff at the other Swiss institutions.