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ACIDE is the Association of Research Scientists and lecturers at EPFL which supports the professional interests of its members. It copes with everything affecting the professional life of the scientific collaborators and takes a standpoint during consultations on EPFL directives. However, ACIDE is not a trade union.

The scientific collaborators represent a large number of persons at EPFL.

Basically, if you are working in research or teaching at EPFL and do not have a professor position, then you are a member of the scientific collaborators represented by ACIDE (and you should carry on reading…).

Who does ACIDE represent?

ACIDE represents more than 3500 scientists and lecturers (the “Corps Intermediaire”),  including research assistants, PhD candidates, post-docs, lecturers and research associates. As the credibility of associations relies on the number of their members, scientists and lecturers provide ACIDE with strength when they become affiliated.

If you are not already a member of ACIDE then you can join our ranks, enabling us to better represent you. Also, you don’t need to take out a loan to join as the membership fee is only 40.- CHF per year. Click here to register online (40.- CHF).

If you are already a member and you would like to get more involved then you could help us in carrying out one of our many projects which always need extra people. If you would like to help do not hesitate to contact our representatives!