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What does ACIDE-ComDoc do?

ACIDE-ComDoc is composed of PhD candidates from different Schools within EPFL. They are carrying out many projects concerning the PhD candidates. These projects cover the social events (summer barbecues, hiking trips, ski weekend and coffee/tea chats…) and the ones aiming to improve the work conditions and the education of PhD candidates (decisions about the PhD Programs and the Doctoral Schools, the status of PhD candidates). Every PhD candidate is welcome to get in touch with and/or involved in the ACIDE-ComDoc via the ACIDE Management.

ACIDE-ComDoc Commitee Members

Name Position Faculty Group representation Group Animation
Social Events
Zerrin Celebi Ghavami General Secretary of ACIDE x x
Manuel Bianco Member GM x x
Emmanuel Clédat Member GC x x
Baran Gözcü Member EL x x
Giuseppe Peronato Member ENAC x x
Bogdan Stoica Member IC x x
Delphine Blondel Member IC x x