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CI Representatives

Research scientists and lecturers representatives at EPFL Assembly (AE)

Name Position Faculty
 Lamirand Vincent  Scientist collaborator SB
 Magrez Arnaud  Senior scientist collaborator SB
 Peronato Giuseppe Doctoral Assistant ENAC
 Holweger Jordan Doctoral assistant STI

Research scientists and lecturers representatives at Faculty Councils

Name Position Faculty
Anciaux Guillaume Senior Scientist Collaborator ENAC
Patricia Guaita Scientist Collaborator ENAC
Gelb Arnaud Doctoral Assistant ENAC
Joost Stéphane Scientist Collaborator ENAC
Name Position Faculty
Impett Leonardo Doctoral Assistant IC
Name Position Faculty
Vincent Lamirand Scientist Collaborator SB
Magrez Arnaud Senior Scientist Collaborator SB
José Luis Zuleta Estrugo Doctoral Assistant SB
Mensi Mounir Scientist Caborator SB
Name Position Faculty
Marie Didier Doctoral Assistant STI
Julien Deparday Scientist Caborator STI
Zamani Mahdi Doctoral Assistant STI
Gaustsch Sebastian Senior Scientist Collaborator STI
Koukab Adil Scientist Collaborator STI
Name Position Faculty
Sylvia Monari Doctoral Assistant SV
Meireles Filho Antonio Scientist Collaborator SV
Nazeeruddin Sameer Doctoral Assistant SV
Name Position Faculty
Orion Penner Scientist Collaboratort CDM
Charles Ayoubi Doctoral Assistant CDM