School Assembly, we need your vote!

From today the vote is open for your ACIDE representative at the School Assembly and the Faculty Council. ACIDE strongly encourages you to use your right to vote and to cast your ballot for our candidates.


Our candidates are:

Teaching Body (ENS):
Ludger Weber (School Assembly)
Aïcha-Hessler-Wyser (School Assembly)

Intermediate Body (CI):
Arnaud Magrez (School Assembly and SB Faculty Council)
Giuseppe Peronato (School Assembly )
Joël Teuscher (School Assembly and SB Faculty Council)

Your voice is needed in order to continue our work to improve the situation for all Researchers at EPFL.


ACIDE’s News

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Several types of insurances have been negotiated by ACIDE:

– Health insurance (LAMAL + complementary) with ASSURA: http://acide.epfl.ch/fr/services/health-insurance/

–  Housing and civil insurance with Generali: http://acide.epfl.ch/housing-and-civil-insurance/


Congratulations to Beryl Jehenne and Omid Mashinchian for winning two flight tickets to Istanbul offered by our sponsor Turkish Airlines!